I think at some point in everyone’s life there is a time when they have dreamed about Knights.  Whether the dream is to become a Knight or to be rescued by your Knight in shining armour.  Since we don’t live in  the fourteenth century, the Barrie Swordplay Association just maybe the place for you to live your dream.

Barrie Sword Play Association KnightEstablished in 2007 the Barrie Swordplay Association holds classes every Monday night at the Bayfield Mall across the hall from Sir Games A Lot.  Classes cost $10 each and run from 6-9pm.  Safety is the number one concern of the group.  Without the proper training someone could be seriously hurt, quickly and easily.  That is why each class consist of a warm-up, drills that focus on proper footwork and sword techniques, and free time at the end of each class to spar or continue to practice.  The group focuses training on three main styles of combat: English Backswording, Italian Long Sword, and Viking/Medieval Sword and Shield.

The Barrie Swordplay Association has performed for thousands of fascinated spectators at events such as Casa Loma’s Renaissance Fair and Celebrate Barrie.  Their Performances have earned the Barrie Swordplay Association the title of Honourary Knights of Casa Loma.

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If you would like to learn more about the Barrie Swordplay Association please visit the links below.

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