In 1928 a new house was built, on the shore lines of Old Brewery Bay and Barnfield Bay, both part of Lake Couchiching.  This new house was to become the summer home of Stephen Leacock and his family.
Stephen Leacock House

Stephen Leacock is perhaps one of Canada’s most celebrated writers of the 20th Century.  After Leacock’s death in 1944, the  Stephen Leacock Memorial Committee was founded in 1946.  One of the committees highest priority’s was to establish a medal in Leacock’s honour for humorous writing.  The Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal was first awarded to Harry L. Symons for Ojibway Melody in 1947, and continues to be awarded to this day.

In 1957 the City of Orillia purchased the former Leacock property (approximately 9.5 acres) with the intent of turning it into a Museum, which it has been ever since.  The Main Floor of Leacock House features a portfolio of original signed portraits by the master photographer Yosuf Karsh, taken of Stephen Leacock at Old Brewery Bay in 1941, along with personal possessions, and books.  The secondy floor houses the the Art of Writing Galleries, which until 2001 had been guest rooms.

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In 1992 Leacocks summer home became a national historic site, two years later the plaque was unveiled.