Ok so you found my blog. If your reading this with only the first post on the page how did you even find me?

Well your here now, and likely wondering what sort of things you can expect from the Simcoe360 blog. Well let me tell you, ummm… To be honest I’m not completely sure what’s going to be posted here yet. If I had to describe what I had in mind it would be a little bit editorial, part current events, and part local features. Think photo journal. ¬†What ever the content is, it will be Simcoe County focused.

Now you are likely saying to yourself, Simcoe County covers a lot of area, how is one person possibly going to cover all that territory? Well that is where knowing the right people comes in handy, and if your reading this that means your the right person I know :). Do you know something really neat about Simcoe County that maybe only a few people know about? Do you know another local blogger or local website that you find extremely useful for local information? If you think it’s interesting and local I would love to hear about it!

Lastly, I should thank another blogger with 360 in their title for giving me the inspiration to start this blog.