I am pleased to announce my 2013 Photography Workshop Schedule.  I will be hosting at least three Photography Workshops in 2013, and possibly more depending on demand.  Thus far I have set aside dates for three workshops in three very different locations, which I will describe below.  My goal is to provide a one day on location photography workshop.  Allowing the people attending the freedom to learn and explore the environment around them.  Explore and experiment with their photography skills/equipment.  While still have a source of knowledge available to answer questions and make suggestions.  By limiting the number of attendees in each workshop to just 10 participants I am able to spend time with each person, answering any questions they may have.  I am currently running an early bird registration special.  If you register before March 1st 2013 you can save $25 per workshop off the regular $125 per person price.  Additionally If you register for 2 workshop you are automatically registered to attend the 3rd workshop for free, this deal only applies if it is the same person taking all three workshops.

Spring Waterfall Tour in Muskoka Photography Workshop – April 27, 2013

Potts Falls - Trent Woods Photography - 2013 Photography Workshop Schedule

The first of the 2013 Photography Workshop Scheduled is a Waterfall tour of Muskoka.  There are many beautiful waterfalls along the Muskoka river.  During this one day workshop we will be visiting 2 waterfalls.  At each location we will be discussing techniques and equipment used to capture stunning images of waterfalls.

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Spring in Algonquin Park Photography Workshop – May 11, 2013

Spirit of the Morning - Trent Woods Photography

Just two short weeks later, my next photography workshop will be taking place in Algonquin Park.  During our visit to Algonquin Park we will utilize the Highway 60 corridor to get to our hiking locations as well as photographing wildlife.  We will be visiting at least 2 of Algonquin Parks interpretive trails, hiking a minimum of 7kms.  The topics that will be highlighted during this workshop include Landscapes, Macro, and Wildlife Photography.

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Summer Waterfall Tour in Owen Sound Photography Workshop – July 6, 2013

Hoggs Falls - Trent Woods Photography

My third and final workshop will be taking place in the Owen Sound area.  There are many different types of waterfalls, and Gray County showcases many of them.  This workshop is one of the easiest in terms of the distance that participants need to hike, but it is most defiantly the most difficult terrain to access our shooting locations.  During our explorations at each location we will be discussing techniques and equipment used to capture powerful images of waterfalls.

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All of my 2013 Photography Workshops are geared towards all levels of photographers.  It doesn’t matter if you are taking pictures with your cell phone or a high-end DSLR camera.  Everyone can learn something from my workshops.  Each workshop presents it’s own challenges both photographically and physically.  All of the workshops that I will be hosting will require hiking to the final location, sometimes only 100m while other times 5+kms.  Much of the landscape that we will be crossing will be uneven and challenging.

I hope you can join me at one or more of these workshops.

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